Sermons from June 2023

Sermons from June 2023

1 Samuel 8:1-22 (Part 2)

In 1 Samuel 8:1-22 the people ask for a king “like the other nations”. This, however, is contrary to the will of God. One distinction between the kings of the other nations and kingship in Israel is the king’s relationship to the law and more particularly to God. If the king is under God, then he is subject to God’s law. If he is subject to God’s law, then his power is limited. If, however, the king is a god…

1 Samuel 8:1-22 (Part 1)

In 1 Samuel 8:1-22 the people ask Samuel for a king like the other nations. This is understood by both Samuel and God to be a rejection of God. Why is this the case? The reason is because God was fighting the battles of the Israelites, but they thought that they needed a king like the nations to do this. This illustrates a general principle: When people turn away from God, they will often put their hope in the government…

Matthew 14:1-12

In Matthew 14:1-12 Matthew recounts John’s arrest and execution. Christ will say in chapter 16 that anyone who follows Him must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Him. The Christian life is one of suffering and it is important to be ready, especially as persecution is likely to increase in our country.

1 Samuel 7:3-17

In 1 Samuel 7:3-17 Samuel leads the people at the battle of Ebenezer. The account of this battle parallels the account of the devastating battle of Aphek, and the point is to contrast these battles. In the one God’s people are routed. They put their confidence in the ark of God rather than the God of the ark. In the second, God wins a great victory for His people. Why? Because they showed true repentance.

Matthew 13:53-58

In Matthew 13:53-58 Christ is rejected at his hometown. Those who knew Christ best and were closest to him end up failing to receive him. Sadly, it is sometimes those who are most familiar with Christ who end up turning away from him. It can be easy to take the blessings of the covenant for granted, but they are not to be rested in. Rather, they are meant to lead you to Christ.