Sermons on The Christian Life

Sermons on The Christian Life

1 Samuel 7:3-17

In 1 Samuel 7:3-17 Samuel leads the people at the battle of Ebenezer. The account of this battle parallels the account of the devastating battle of Aphek, and the point is to contrast these battles. In the one God’s people are routed. They put their confidence in the ark of God rather than the God of the ark. In the second, God wins a great victory for His people. Why? Because they showed true repentance.

Ephesians 4:1-16

Many think of evangelism is primarily the act of sharing the gospel in a private conversation. This is evangelism, but the Bible envisions more than this. Evangelism is something that the church does as a whole with the members of the church working together in the work of the ministry, using their gifts in a variety of contexts.

Matthew 6:9-13

We recognize that in evangelism only God can change the heart. If only God can change the heart, then prayer becomes essential for evangelism. We are not seeking merely to put the Word of God before people but also to see their lives transformed by this Word. This, however, is not something we have the strength to effect. Therefore, we must plead with God to bless our evangelism and to change the hearts of sinners sovereignly.

Acts 4:23-31

Many things are needed for evangelism, but one that we see in the Scriptures is boldness. We must recognize that we are in a war. Courage and strength is needed. It is not needed destroy the enemy through force of arms but to stand for the truth and lovingly to call people to Christ.

Jonah 4:1-11

Why should you be committed to evangelism? The primary motivation is the glory of God, but the second greatest motivation is the salvation of man. There is a real judgment that is coming. Eternal life is truly offered in the gospel. Loving others entails necessarily not wanting them to come into judgment but rather entering into eternal life.

Isaiah 45:14-25

What is the primary motivation for evangelism? The glory of God. The reason every Christian ought to be committed to evangelism is because God is not worshiped as he ought to be. If you love God, then this means you must be committed to worshiping him. If you are committed to worshiping him, then you ought also to strive to see him worshiped by others.

1 Samuel 1:1-20

In 1 Samuel 1:1-20 the birth of Samuel is recounted. This birth was miraculously given to Hannah after she cries out to God in the face of the opposition she faced from Peninnah. The opposition of Peninnah is a type of the opposition that the godly face from the ungodly. Hannah’s cry for deliverance is a model of how to face such opposition in faith. God granted her deliverance through childbirth. Such deliverance has been granted to us through the…

Hebrews 13:7-16

In Hebrews 13:7-16 the author explains that christians ought to obey their leaders rather than be led away after the false teachings of others who emphasize an earthly altar.  The passage is a reminder that our faith focuses on the world to come rather than this one.

Hebrews 13:7-9, 17-19

In Hebrews 13:7-19 the author focuses on the need of the church to submit to leaders.  They are to consider the outcome of their lives and imitate their faith.  This passage shows the high calling leaders in the church have as well as the obligation of church members to submit.

Proverbs 6:6-11

In Proverbs 6:6-11 Solomon speaks about the sin of laziness. Hard work is a virtue that Christians ought to strive for. Solomon explains how nature itself teaches this: the ant works hard to store up food even without anyone telling them they need to.

Hebrews 13:1-6

In the exhortations in the book of Hebrews the author has highlighted the need to strive together for faith. In Hebrews 13:1-6 he gives practical instruction concerning how christians ought to love one another so as to edify one another and strengthen the body for perseverance. 

Proverbs 6:1-5

In Proverbs 6:1-5 Solomon speaks about the danger of putting up security for a stranger. The reason this is dangerous is because people are sinful. Belief in the general goodness of mankind is pervasive, but it is also wrong and leads to foolish decisions.