Sermons on Suffering

Sermons on Suffering

Matthew 10:34-42

In Matthew 10:34-42 Christ says that he has not come to bring peace but a sword. How can this be? Though there are many ways in which Christ does come to bring peace, one of the effects of his coming is that people come divided against each other. This is because Christ demands absolute devotion and obedience. There is to be nothing in life that challenges this, even one’s family. This is the cost of following Christ. In the end,…

Matthew 10:16-23

In Matthew 10:16-23 Christ tells the disciples that they will be persecuted as they bring the message of the gospel to the Jews. As it was then, so it is now. The church has been given the task of making known the gospel to the ends of the earth, but it will not come without persecution. Christians must be willing to suffer as they hold out the word of life to a lost world.

Psalm 39

The Scriptures often encourage believers to consider that their days are limited. We are often reminded of this truth in suffering or when we see another suffer. How does the knowledge of the brevity of our lives help us? What good does it do for us to know we will soon die? It is the first step towards wisdom because it helps us to see God’s eternity by contrast and to take refuge in him that we ourselves might have…

Romans 8:31-39

How can you endure the trials of this world? Where do you go when grief comes? In Romans 8:31-39 Paul shows how the great truths of the gospel prove that the christian is more than a conqueror even when it appears he is overwhelmed by grief and trials on every side. The truths of the gospel prove that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God, and therefore christians in the end will conquer all the trials of…