Sermons on Unbelief

Sermons on Unbelief

Matthew 13:53-58

In Matthew 13:53-58 Christ is rejected at his hometown. Those who knew Christ best and were closest to him end up failing to receive him. Sadly, it is sometimes those who are most familiar with Christ who end up turning away from him. It can be easy to take the blessings of the covenant for granted, but they are not to be rested in. Rather, they are meant to lead you to Christ.

Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

In Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23 Christ gives the parable of the sower or the parable of the soils.  This is the first of the famous kingdom parables from Matthew 13 given in response to the unbelief recorded in chapters 11-12.  Here Christ explains that there will be many who do not respond well to the gospel.  Some will be deceived by Satan. Some will fall away after persecution. Some will be choked out by the cares of this world and the…

Matthew 12:46-50

In Matthew 12:46-50 Christ’s family comes to see him, however, they come doubting.  When told that his family wants to see him, Christ explains that his true family are those who do the will of his Father in heaven are his true family.  This is the blessing of the gospel: that though there be many who turn away, those who come to Christ are adopted into the family of God with Christ himself as their elder brother who came to…

Matthew 12:43-45

In Matthew 12:43-45 Christ describes a person who has a demon leave him.  The demon leaves the person and goes through the wilderness before returning to the man where he finds everything cleaned but empty.  He then takes seven demons worse than himself and inhabits the man again.  Such is the state of the man who reforms his life without the power of Christ. Eventually he finds himself in a worse position than where he started.