Sermons on Fasting

Sermons on Fasting

Isaiah 58:1-12

In Isaiah 58:1-12 Isaiah addresses the people’s hypocrisy in fasting. They believed that their fasting was pleasing to Him, and yet God actually despised it. Fasting without love and compassion for others is not pleasing to God. Our worship is merely hypocrisy if it is done in hatred of our brothers and sisters.

Joel 2:12-19

The session of New Covenant OPC has called for a quarterly fast to beseech God to pour out the Spirit that the Church might be built. In fasting Joel tells us to “rend our hearts” not our garments. Fasting ought to be done to humble oneself before God that we might cry out to him for help in our need. Given the state of the church and the proliferation of great sins in our country, it is not going to…

Matthew 6:16-18

Fasting is something that is typically not practiced much today, but Christ assumes that Christians will be fasting in Matthew 6:16-18; however, this does not mean that all fasting is acceptable to God.  Christ explains that those who fast so as to gain a reputation for godliness before men will receive nothing from God, but those who fast for the sake of God’s glory will be honored by Him.