Sermons on Miracles

Sermons on Miracles

Matthew 16:1-4

In Matthew 16:1-4 the Saduccees and Pharisees ask for a sign. This is a strange request in light of the many miracles Christ had done to this point. Their goal, like many skeptics today who make similar demands for proofs, is to hide their rebellion against God behind the request for a sign. The reality is Christ had done enough to make himself known such that the request can only be interpreted as disingenuous. Ultimately, Christ tells them that the…

Matthew 15:32-39

In Matthew 15:32-39 Christ feeds four thousand men besides women and children. This is the second time Christ has miraculously fed thousands with just a few fish and a few loaves of bread. Why record such a similar miracle twice? God’s people often need to hear things again.

Matthew 15:29-31

In Matthew 15:29-31 Christ heals many on a mountain.  Mountains are significant in the gospel of Matthew as they point to the fulfillment of the mountain of God theology in the OT.  What is the purpose of this summary of Christ’s miracles?  To indicate that the new creation has come in Christ.  Christ’s miracles are a foretaste of the resurrection.

Matthew 14:34-36

Matthew 14:34-36 contains a brief summary of Christ’s healing ministry. Those who recognized Him went to Him for healing. The natural response of understanding who Christ is is to go to Him for salvation.

Matthew 14:22-33

In Matthew 14:22-33 Matthew records Christ’s miracle of walking on water. His walking on water, like the feeding of the 5,000, is meant to be compared to Elisha who made an axe head float. Christ, however, has done much more both by walking on the water and by commanding Peter to do so as well. The disciples understand the significance as they respond to this miracle by worshipping Him as the Son of God.

Matthew 14:13-21

In Matthew 14:13-21 Matthew records the very familiar miracle of Christ feeding the 5,000. What does this teach us about Christ? That he is the better Elijah who feeds more with less, the better Moses who provides manna in the wilderness, the Messiah who sets before His people a glorious feast, and ultimately, the one who is Himself the bread of life who satisfies His people.

Matthew 12:38-42

In Matthew 12:38-42 the Pharisees and scribes continue to challenge Christ. This time they challenge Him by requesting a sign from Him. This request comes after Christ has already given innumerable signs to prove who He is. Rather than perform a sign on demand, which He refuses to do, Christ says the only sign that will be given is the sign of Jonah, His resurrection from the dead.

Matthew 9:27-31

In Matthew 9:27-31 Christ gives sight to two blind men. This healing is done in private for these two who believe in him. Christ’s giving sight to the blind shows that he is God, who alone has such power, and that he is bringing in the last age. His ability to give sight to the blind shows that he is able to grant faith sovereignly to whomever he wills. The blind men can see with the eyes of faith, but…

Matthew 8:23-27

In Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus calms the winds and waves showing that he is the sovereign Lord of the universe.  If this is the case, then those who believe in him should not fear, for Christ has shown both that he is mighty and that he is for his people.  This means that no matter what difficulty we face Christ will see us through until he returns and restores all things.  Do not fear, rather believe.

Matthew 8:14-17

In Matthew 8:14-17 Matthew records the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law and other healings. These healings show that Christ as absolute authority over demons and all kinds of diseases. Matthew emphasizes our need to respond to this authority by serving Christ and indicates that Jesus has come to defeat the devil and forgive sins.

Matthew 8:5-13

In Matthew 8:5-13, Matthew records Christ’s second miracle in chapters 8-9. Here Christ heals a Centurion’s servant. Amazingly, this Centurion, a Gentile, understands that Christ has sovereign authority even over diseases and disabilities. He believes that Christ is able to heal by simply speaking a word. Though he thought himself unworthy to have Christ in his home, Jesus assures him that he and those who have such faith will yet feast with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in heaven. His faith…

Matthew 8:1-4

In Matthew 8:1-4, Matthew records the first of nine miracles in chapters 8 and 9 that emphasize the great power and authority of Christ.  Here, a leper approaches Christ believing that Jesus is fully God and able to heal him.  Christ does not not just heal the man, but even heals by touching him, showing that he cannot contract any uncleanness and is the one in whom all are cleansed.