Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

Psalm 39

The Scriptures often encourage believers to consider that their days are limited. We are often reminded of this truth in suffering or when we see another suffer. How does the knowledge of the brevity of our lives help us? What good does it do for us to know we will soon die? It is the first step towards wisdom because it helps us to see God’s eternity by contrast and to take refuge in him that we ourselves might have…

Psalms 146

This past election season was the most contentious in recent history. The country seems to be divided over different ideologies and goals for the country. How should Christians think about such things? Does the Bible address things like Socialism? How should Christians respond to difficult elections? All of these questions are addressed in this sermon on Psalm 146 where the Psalmist reminds us that we do not put our hope in princes.

Psalms 8:

In Psalms 8, the psalmist reminds us of the excellence and greatness of God, and that we are created in His image. He sovereignly ordains everything, all that we understand, and all that we do not. Our anxieties are a product of sin. When we face difficult times, the psalmist reminds us that man has been crowned in glory and honor by God, to be strong in the face of uncertainty because He will never leave or forsake us.
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