Women in Combat

Pastor Grasso looks at the question of whether or not women should fight in wars by looking at Nahum 3:13 and Isaiah 19:16 among other passages.  Ultimately, God has made men and women differently, and one of these differences is that men have the duty and responsibility to protect women, not the other way around.

Feminism (Part 2)

Pastor Grasso evaluates the various responses to feminism (egalitarianism, complimentarianism, patriarchy, and chauvinism) and argues that the historic position of the church, patriarchy, is the biblical view of the relationship between men and women.

Feminism (Part 1)

Pastor Grasso gives an overview of feminism and offers a biblical critique. Though feminists argue that they are fighting for equal rights, they actually undermine biblical femininity by confusing gender roles and ignoring gender distinctions.


Homosexuality is an important topic today.  We are told that if the church does not conform to the ethics of the world that it is evidence of intolerance, bigotry, and homophobia, but what does the Bible say on the issue?  Pastor Grasso shows that homosexuality is an action, not an identity, and according to the Scriptures is an aggravated sin.


Transgenderism is an important topic in the world today.  What does the Bible say about the issue?  Pastor Grasso addresses this issue by showing the biblical view of the body in both creation and the resurrection and how the body itself contributes to our understanding of our identity and will itself be saved on the last day.