Racial Issues

Racial Issues

Systemic Racism, Part 4

Pastor Grasso looks at systemic racism again and shows how the gospel offers a better solution to racial tensions than the ideology that undergirds systemic racism.  Positing systemic racism can only lead to greater racial divisions, whereas in Christ these divisions are healed.

Systemic Racism, Part 3

Pastor Grasso looks at the relationship between postmodernism and systemic racism.  The view that America is systemically racist is built on postmodern assumptions about truth and intersectionality that are contrary to the Scriptures.

Systemic Racism, Part 2

Pastor Grasso looks at the ideological underpinnings of those who posit systemic racism as a problem in our country and in the world.  Here Pastor Grasso shows the relationship between Critical Race Theory, a neo-marxist ideology, to the issue of systemic racism.  He then shows the biblical deficiencies of such an outlook.

Systemic Racism, Part 1

Pastor Grasso evaluates systemic racism from a biblical perspective.  He begins with a definition as well as an explanation of how people argue for the presence of systemic racism before offering a biblical critique, showing that systemic racism is a corruption of biblical justice.