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Posts by Michael Grasso (Page 3)

Saved from what?

Christians often used the language of being “saved”, but what are they saved from? Pastor Grasso answers in this episode.

Women in Civil Government

How do the biblical principles of male headship apply to women serving in the government? In this episode Pastor Grasso gives an overview of the Bible’s teachings on male headship and applies them to the situation of women serving in the civil government.


After addressing headship principles and the relationship it bears to the civil government, Pastor Grasso tackles the question about head coverings.  Here he shows in the context that this requirement was for women who served as prophetesses in the public worship service, a situation that is not applicable to today’s worship services in the church.

Spiritual Gifts

The question of whether or not extraordinary spiritual gifts like tongues and prophecy continue today is a pressing question in light of the charismatic movement. Pastor Grasso argues that while the ordinary gifts of the Spirit continue and are crucial for the church, the extraordinary gifts have ceased, which gives increasing importance to the Bible as it is the only source of knowing the will of God.

Limited Atonement

Pastor Grasso looks at the third point of Calvinism, Limited Atonement. He argues that the Arminian position limits the power of the cross and in some ways is not properly an atonement. The Scriptures rather teach that Christ came to save His people, the many, His sheep, and His bride. Only those covered by the blood of the lamb will be saved, and nobody covered by that blood will be lost.

Unconditional Election

Pastor Grasso looks at the second point of Calvinism, Unconditional Election. Here he argues that the Arminian position of conditional election seeks to make man’s will ultimate in salvation. The Scriptures, however, teach that God’s will is ultimate. God does not choose because He sees man will come to Him, rather He chooses even though He knows that man never would come to Him because of his rebellious heart. Salvation is of grace.

Total Depravity

Pastor Grasso begins a series on the five points of Calvinism. Here he tackles total depravity, explaining what it means and what it does not mean, in order to show man’s condition apart from the grace of God. In order to know God’s grace truly, you must know what you are saved from.

Going to Church

Many Christians have thought hard about what it means to be saved from sin, but they have not thought as much about the need to be in church. Here Pastor Grasso explains the way the Bible addresses the need to be in the worship service by showing the theological importance of the visible church and the blessings of the worship service.


One of the most classic objections to the existence of God is the problem of evil. How can God be good and all powerful and there still be evil in the world? How are Christians to understand the presence of evil in this world? Pastor Grasso tackles this question by distinguishing God as the first cause but not the efficient cause of evil (He is sovereign over it but does not “do” it) and showing that God uses all evil…

Submission to the Government and Election Results

In light of the protests, rioting, and violence that happened yesterday (January 6, 2021) at the capitol building, Pastor Grasso addresses the obligation of Christians to submit to the government and to election results.  Ultimately, the Christian can find peace in knowing that God is the one who is in control of all things.