Posts by Michael Grasso (Page 2)

Posts by Michael Grasso (Page 2)

Systemic Racism, Part 3

Pastor Grasso looks at the relationship between postmodernism and systemic racism.  The view that America is systemically racist is built on postmodern assumptions about truth and intersectionality that are contrary to the Scriptures.

Systemic Racism, Part 2

Pastor Grasso looks at the ideological underpinnings of those who posit systemic racism as a problem in our country and in the world.  Here Pastor Grasso shows the relationship between Critical Race Theory, a neo-marxist ideology, to the issue of systemic racism.  He then shows the biblical deficiencies of such an outlook.

Systemic Racism, Part 1

Pastor Grasso evaluates systemic racism from a biblical perspective.  He begins with a definition as well as an explanation of how people argue for the presence of systemic racism before offering a biblical critique, showing that systemic racism is a corruption of biblical justice.


Homosexuality is an important topic today.  We are told that if the church does not conform to the ethics of the world that it is evidence of intolerance, bigotry, and homophobia, but what does the Bible say on the issue?  Pastor Grasso shows that homosexuality is an action, not an identity, and according to the Scriptures is an aggravated sin.

Burial vs. Cremation

Is it important for a Christian to be buried, or is cremation also acceptable? Pastor Grasso looks at the biblical evidence and shows the connection between burial and belief in the coming resurrection. Since our resurrection will be bodily, and since the body is still united to Christ after death, it is important that the body is cared for rather than destroyed.


Transgenderism is an important topic in the world today.  What does the Bible say about the issue?  Pastor Grasso addresses this issue by showing the biblical view of the body in both creation and the resurrection and how the body itself contributes to our understanding of our identity and will itself be saved on the last day.

Perseverance of the Saints

Pastor Grasso addresses the fifth point of the five points of Calvinism: the Perseverance of the Saints.  Here he shows that the Scriptures, recognizing salvation to be the sovereign work of God, teach that man cannot lose his salvation.  He also addresses objections from Hebrews 6 as well as the distinction between eternal security and perseverance.

Irresistible Grace

Pastor Grasso tackles the fourth point of Calvinism: Irresistible Grace, showing that God’s action is ultimate in salvation, not man’s.  Both the Old and New Testament teach that in order for man to come to God, God must draw man.  This does not make man a robot, however, for God draws by putting a new heart in man so that he comes most freely.

Millennial Reign, Part 3

In this episode Pastor Grasso critiques Postmillennialism, arguing that there is fundamental continuity throughout the church age and that the great hope of the Christian is not in a Christianized society but in the return of Christ.

Millennial Reign, Part 2

Pastor Grasso offers a critique of premillennialism, noting that not everything in Revelation is chronological and that the premillennial view duplicates many of the events in eschatology.

Sinless Perfection

Does the Bible teach that the believer can live a perfectly sinless life? Pastor Grasso answers in the negative, explaining that the language of perfection and blamelessness in the Bible does not mean one if free from all sin.