Posts from April 2021

Posts from April 2021

Feminism (Part 2)

Pastor Grasso evaluates the various responses to feminism (egalitarianism, complimentarianism, patriarchy, and chauvinism) and argues that the historic position of the church, patriarchy, is the biblical view of the relationship between men and women.

Feminism (Part 1)

Pastor Grasso gives an overview of feminism and offers a biblical critique. Though feminists argue that they are fighting for equal rights, they actually undermine biblical femininity by confusing gender roles and ignoring gender distinctions.

Systemic Racism, Part 4

Pastor Grasso looks at systemic racism again and shows how the gospel offers a better solution to racial tensions than the ideology that undergirds systemic racism.  Positing systemic racism can only lead to greater racial divisions, whereas in Christ these divisions are healed.